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Doula by Destinee


About Me

Hi babymakers!


I'm Destinee Candeloro, also known as the "baby whisperer", with a heart full of passion to change the birth stories from simply surviving to totally thriving for all birthing families.


I deeply believe that no person is the same and therefore no birth story will ever be the same. I have an open mind and open arms to adapt to ALL birthing families to provide the resources, information and superior support to allow each family to have the birth story and experience they have always dreamt of.


You tell me your birth plan and I will make sure you don't forget it when it's baby time. My "job" does not stop after the birth story is accomplished. Not only is a baby born after birth but a new person / mother is born as well.


Even more so, I will support the mother/family to adapt to the biggest change of their life. Empowering and supporting mothers and their families is not just a passion of mine but a calling that I feel deeply in my soul.


I can't wait to serve you in this season!



Baby Bump

~birth plan assistance~

~provide evidence-based advice, tips & tricks~

~consult on pain relief exercises~ 

~phone support~

above services included with Baby Time cost

~baby shower planning~

~nursery room prep~ 

~assist in the nesting process

please contact me for pricing

for above add-on services

Baby Time

~advise on comfort measures such as massage, different positions for comfort and helping with
relaxation breathing~

~accommodate the mother's wishes for desired birth environments~ 

~encouraging the mother-to-be to stay informed about any procedures and interventions~

~support the father/partner in the best way to support the mother~


~an everlasting reminder that


Fourth Trimester

~physical and emotional support~ 

~help with settling into home~

~self-care time for parents~

~breast/bottle feeding support~

~snack/meal prep~

~light housekeeping~

~overnight stays~

~sibling support~

~phone support~



$950/3 overnights over 1 week



Destinee is the most loving, caring, and patient person. Her ability to soothe and nurture come naturally! Not to mention that she is a true “baby whisperer” and admires the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. To know Destinee is to love her! 
-Katie T, Bishopville, MD
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